I’ll show you how to avoid Christmas financial crises!

Let us admit masculinely that Christmas has become totally materialized. Everything is about gifts. It is Christmas time slowly and the launch of the industrial-scale Christmas kitsch in the mall has started. The problem is that for many of my friends, Christmas is a long-term stomach, and the fact that they have to spend some of their hard-to-accumulate savings if they don’t want offenses.

But at Christmas, nobody wants to argue, because this is a celebration of love. That’s why the Christmas shopping is heading up, where 5-10,000 forints / beloved relatives are flying.

We spend too much on gifts


The biggest problem is basically the product of the increase in the value of gifts and the increase in the number of people to be donated. The Christmas gifting has definitely stepped out of our “loved ones” and now it is “fit” to give a second, third-hand friend if we are somewhat better than average.

There is never a problem with a couple of thousand forints, but with the fact that we have to spend a lot of this time on this celebration! Think about buying a gift for 20 people (family, friends, colleagues) for an average of $ 3,000, and you have already spent $ 60,000. And this number does not include gift items for couples or children, which items can often amount to 50-100,000 forints for an average family.

I do not admire that you will be experiencing your own financial crises at Christmas if you have to “spend” 150,000-200,000 forints on gifts, cakes, and small items.

Make a Christmas list

Make a Christmas list

The most important step is to prepare yourself consciously for the gifts to be offered for Christmas, both in quantity and quality. You have to see that whatever you want, you will not be able to give all the people, because then there will be the whole family saving.

Instead, choose the smart solution and write down a list of those who come to mind. Then write the numbers next to the names from 1 to 5, depending on how important the person is to you, how much you were present in your everyday life, in your life last year. Be strict and give only 5 people who really belong to your inner circle! (Family bond does not mean automatic 5 points)

After you rigorously and carefully roll your name list, draw down the names of those who got 1 or 2 points. They are the people you would only give for being “fit”, otherwise you have no influence on your life at all levels and it is not important to “meet” them at all!

Determine your budget!

Determine your budget!

It is very important that you base your budget on your own financial means and not be careful about how others act. If you don’t want to be disappointed, you might want to talk to everyone in advance about what the cost / gift frame should be, but don’t let yourself start with a kind of price competition. If someone wants to spend more on you, please be happy and thank you. It’s your decision, not yours.

It’s very easy to determine the budget . You can spend up to 25% of your revenue in December (optional) as a gift. Let’s say your income and your total income are $ 400,000. In this case, you could spend up to 100,000 forints on gifts (this also includes a gift for each other and for the kids!).

50-50% rule

50-50 , that is, you can spend 50% of the available envelope on each other and on the children, while the other 50% goes to the gift of everyone else. So staying with this example is $ 50,000.

You are now taking your paper and adding the numbers along with the remaining names. For example, it is 30. Then you divide 50 000 forints by 30, so your annual Christmas unit money will be 1666 forints. From this point on, it is easy to give you 3 points for a maximum of 1 666x 3 forints, while 4 points for 4x 1666 for 5 points for 5 × 1666 forints.

We always calculate the amount of gift money from your frame, and inadvertently we do not derive our frame from the number of people. Think about it, if you do that, what would happen to you! There are 15 people you want to donate and you spend on average 4,000 HUF for everybody, then 15x 4000 = 60,000 HUF, which went beyond what you could afford…

Buy in advance

Buy in advance

You should not be afraid of “what if I buy the gift too early?”. What’s the real problem? Are you afraid that money is thrown out of the window because your friendship is not so strong in August or September that it stays in December? Are you afraid of losing the “I want to buy a gift” on the go?

Then this man is not so important to you in a moment. So you have to give him 1 or 2 points on your list and solve the problem.

If we look at the standard Christmas gift listings, then the family is typically with it and the best friends and coworkers. These are regular people all year round, with a few more people in the last minute. But this will be up to 10-20% of your entire list. So you can get what you want with 80% of the existing one and significantly cheaper.

Leaving a gift for the last minute will cost you 30% more on average than those who buy consciously…

100 tips for you to save money

 The end of the month comes and you realize that the money is not left or even lacked to clear all accounts? Sometimes it is difficult to save, either because money is lacking, because unforeseen circumstances arise, because debt with high interest rates consume money among other situations.

But we want to help you save money, so we’ve prepared a list of 100 different situations to save you like in the supermarket, with electricity, when eating out, during travel, in medicine, in leisure and much more.

Check out our suggestions and put them into practice in your day to day lives for your money to render until the end of the month and your savings gain weight.


How to save on day-to-day situations

How to save on day-to-day situations

1 – Create an expense spreadsheet – list all the expenses you have in the month.

2 – Define how much you can save per month – start saving

3 – Cut small expenses – from change to change spent with goodies you can achieve good savings.

4 – Use public transportation or two wheels – leave the car at home and, if possible, use less taxi. Try to use buses, trains, subway or bicycle.

5 – Store Cards – Take the cards out of the wallet and leave them at home. So you will not fall into temptation at first. In the case of the invoices of these cards, if possible, pay them in the bank. We could hardly get into the store to pay an invoice and leave without buying anything.

6 – Buy clothes and shoes online – in addition to the practicality you can compare prices without harassing sellers.

7 – Pay for the view – Paying for purchases on sight is a great opportunity to better control what you spend and get good discounts.

8 – Discounted part – Buying in debt, credit or money has discount, in smaller percentages in credit, but has. If they do not give you, ask.

9 – Sell what you do not want more – enjoy to get rid of the things you do not use to make a little nut. There are several websites that negotiate the sale of used products.

10 – Borrow – if you’ve been invited to a party and are thinking of buying a new purse, shoe or dress. Borrow it.


How to save electricity

How to save electricity

11 – In the dark – do not leave the lights on unnecessarily

12 – Natural light – leave the windows open and explore as much natural light as possible.

13 – Lamps – Replace bulbs with economical fluorescents.

14 – Shower – reduce bath time.

15 – Unplug the chargers – Even when unplugged, the charger continues to consume power when it is plugged in.

16 – Turn off the devices – when the devices are in stand by, the light (red, green or blue) that indicates that it is connected to the mains consumes energy.

17 – Change the shower station – The electric shower features three temperatures, summer, winter and cold. The shower in the winter season consumes twice as much energy.

18 – Iron – Look for as much clothing as possible to get through it all at once. This appliance consumes a lot of energy and it is not appropriate to use it many times in the week

19 – Washer – even iron case. Gather as many clothes as you can and wash once a week.

20 – Microwave – take the microwave from the outlet when not in use. The only advantage of keeping it switched off is the electronic panel clock.

21 – Air conditioning – when the air is on, close all doors and windows tightly

22 – Procel Certification – check if your household appliances have the Procel seal. If so. This means that they consume less energy.


How to economize at the supermarket

How to economize at the supermarket

23 – Organize yourself according to your budget: set the amount that can be spent and separate by week or month.

24 – Prepare a menu: so you will only buy the foods that will actually be consumed

25 – Make a shopping list: include staple foods and organize by sectors (cleaning and hygiene, grocery, groceries, butchery, bakery etc).

26 – Time to spare: go to the supermarket when you have plenty of time to research prices and offers of the products on the list.

27 – Full belly: try to feed yourself before your purchase is not influenced by hunger

28 – Observe the price tag: sometimes it occurs that the product when it is registered in the box is priced different from the label. In this case the trade should consider the price tag. But to demand your rights you need to be aware of prices.

29 – Do not take the children: you can end up spending more with candy, treats and other nonsense that children like so much.

30 – Buy generic brands: the big supermarket chains usually offer products with their brand stamped. These products are usually cheaper and often even good.

31 – Avoid frozen foods and ready meals: these foods are much more expensive

32 – Buy fruits, vegetables and vegetables from the season: in periods of harvest the products are offered on offer.


How to Save Money by Eating Out

33 – Self Service or bundle: give preference to establishments that have closed prices

34 – Drinks and desserts: If you need to eat out every day, do not consume sodas, juices and desserts in restaurants. That makes the account more expensive! Buy fruit and drinks at the grocery store and take it to work.

35 – Promotions and discounts: many restaurants offer discounts and promotions to keep customers loyal.

36 – Delay your lunch hour: in some restaurants the prices of the dishes are reduced after 14h.

37 – Look for options: a cheese roll and a coffee might not seem expensive, but if you consume everyday on the street, at the end of the month you will notice that the wallet is leaner. One option is to buy bread or cookies and have coffee at work.

38 – Divide the dish: if you eat little and have a friend with the same appetite, invite him to a partnership. One serving for two.

39 – Bringing Home: Choose to dine at work.

40 – Natural snacks: if you do not have a suitable place to heat food, replace the kettle with a sandwich. You can dine at your own table and enjoy lunch time to do other things.

41 – Going out with family: If you do not give up that family dinner once a week, the collective offer sites and discount coupons can be budget alternatives.

42 – Superfluous expenses: when you make your lunch time on the street avoid passing in shops, bomboniere, newsstands etc. The amount spent on chewing gum, ice cream or chocolates during lunch can save you money.


How to Save on Travel

How to Save on Travel

43 – Tickets – buy tickets as early as possible, prices are lower. Choose to travel on Tuesday or Wednesday, when tickets are offered at lower prices.

44 – Flights – if you have the patience choose a flight with connection

45 – Miles Program – Enroll in mileage programs to use your points on ticket purchases

46 – Shopping – drinks, chocolates, jewelry, perfumes and electronic pampering are much cheaper in trade Duty Free.

47 – Rent a car – Taking rides with a rental vehicle is usually cheaper than train tickets if you are in a larger group of people, for example.

48 – Hosting – give preference to hostels, Host Family, simpler hotels or friends house.

49 – Money – take cash. With the IOF (Tax on Financial Transactions) going up, making purchases with credit card or prepaid is no longer advantageous.

50 – Telephony – contact your service provider and inform yourself about charges for using international roaming and avoid surprises in your mobile account

51 – Health insurance – With this benefit, in case of accidents or health problems, you will have your financial expenses reimbursed.

52 – Destinations – Escape from luxurious and expensive destinations.


How to save on medicines

How to save on medicines

53 – Generic – Generic drugs are cheaper and have the same efficiency as those of brand.

54 – Pharmacy – whenever possible, buy from the same pharmacy. Over time you will build a relationship with the establishment, receive suggestions on cheaper drugs and even discounts.

55 – Economic Doses – Before buying the medication, always ask if the medication is offered in less quantity. For example: you feel a headache and buy medication. Not necessarily you need a box with several pills. In the gondolas of the pharmacy there are cards with single or double dose.


How to save on leisure and culture

56 – Theater or Museum – choose to do free cultural tours.

57 – Outdoors – change the mall through the park.

58 – Eating out – when the day is in perfect weather take the family to have a picnic.

59 – Cinema – the different networks have in their schedule schedules and special days with discounts of up to 50%.

60 – Books – Instead of buying a new book, borrow it from a library.

61 – DVDs – whenever possible exchange dvds with a friend. It’s a way for you to vary your video library without spending.

62 – Children – when you have a program at night, instead of hiring a nanny, arrange with a friend’s mother of your child. She can break your branch for one night and you can do the same when she needs it.

63 – Football – Invite your friends to watch the game at home. It is more in account than going to the stadium or consuming in some bar.

64 – Pay-TV – re-evaluate your pay-TV package and reduce the channel grid if you do not think you’ll need them. Renegotiate the value of your package.

65 – Quit Less – If you can make more home programs, do it.


How to save on purchases

How to save on purchases

66 – Boost – just buy something you’ll be sure to use

67 – Credit Cards – Buy The View

68 – Product Brands – Give up the famous brands. In the market there are little known brands, but efficient as much as the famous ones. Products with brands like this, are usually cheaper.

69 – Emails with offers – do not open these emails. If you do not have a wrist you will get involved and you may end up falling into the temptation of buying

70 – Second Hand – Even in situations of crisis or economy you can not get rid of the habit of buying a piece of clothing from time to time, buying in used stores is a good option. As long as the clothes are in perfect condition.


How to save on car expenses

How to save on car expenses

71 – Buying – If you are having debt and are not able to pay the financing of your vehicle, switch to a used one.

72 – Insurance – automotive insurance is an indispensable advisory. To make a good insurance negotiation, research the prices, hire a broker to be your broker, install a tracker and never sign a contract without first hearing all possible bids from the competition.

73 – Maintenance – Always check your vehicle

74 – Refueling – pay close attention to fuel prices. Sometimes the one that seems to be advantageous because it is cheaper can give you headaches. Make sure it is reliable and suitable.

75 – Lubricants – be careful not to miss the oil change period

76 – Routes – Before leaving for your destination, search your route. You can make alternative ways to save your time and fuel

77 – Weights – keep your vehicle organized and eliminate excess. Do not make your vehicle an extension of your home. Overweight vehicle consumes more fuel.

78 – Air – on cold days turn off the air conditioning

79 – Short routes – do not use the car to go to very close places. Walk or bike Save fuel

80 – Tires – keep your tires calibrated.


Cut extra expenses

Cut extra expenses

81 – Mobile – reevaluate your mobile phone plan. Sometimes we hire different services when in fact our real need is to make or receive calls, access emails and social networks.

82 – Fixed – Do You Really Need a Landline? Talk to your carrier to hear other options for budget plans.

83 – Television – traffic, work, study and the return home. How long do you stay away from home? And when you’re at home can you watch movies and TV shows with attention? These questions are an exercise that TV subscribers must practice in an attempt to take a breath in the budget.

84 – Internet – same as pay-TV. If you need to mitigate the expenses, reevaluate your contract, you can suddenly negotiate a discount with the operator or even exchange for a lower cost package. And if you already have a mobile internet package and need to wipe the budget, opt for one of the two services.

85 – Newspapers and magazines – less and less time to devote ourselves to reading newspapers and magazines. It’s a lonely rush! How about swapping your subscription plan with a digital one? Aside from being cheaper, you can read anywhere through the tablet or smartphone.

86 – Credit Card – If you received a credit card that you do not use and you are paying annuity, it is time for you to devote five minutes of your time to canceling through the SAC.

87 – Current Account – It is also time to cancel the checking account that you opened last time and no longer use. Not worth paying for a service that we do not know when and if we will use. The goal is to reduce expenses.

88 – Banking Services (fees) – analyze your statement and look for other options for rate packages.

89 – Consumption – stop compulsive consumerism.

90 – Goal – stay focused on your goal.


Manage your debts

91 – Credit – be very careful with easy credit. Assess your situation to see if you will be able to honor the debt.

92 – Credit 2 – Promptly pay the installments of your loan and if you think you will not be able to, for some reason, contact the financier and report the fact.

93 – Card – Do not lend your card or finance purchases to other people. You can not take the risk of taking on a debt that is not “yours.”

94 – Card 2 – temporarily free yourself from your card. Leave it with your mother, brother or in the bottom of a drawer until your debts are over.

95 – Spending management – contrary to what most consumers think, credit card can be used as an ally of the budget. This happens when you consciously consume and concentrate all your expenses on a single card. By doing this, you reconcile the due date of the invoice with the date of receipt of your salary and organize yourself better.

96 – Extra work – look for an alternative to increase your income.

97 – Extra Income – Use your extra income to pay off the debt.

98 – One day at a time – save a little a day. In this way you can soften that feeling that saving a monthly amount is a great sacrifice.

99 – Clean – clean up your expenses, even when you feel you do not have anything else to dispose of.

100 – Reflection – reflect on your future without forgetting your past. Try not to make the same mistakes.

Payday Loan of 10,000 Euros: Interest Rates Guarantees to Obtain It

To whom should we ask for help and how should we do to get a payday loan of 10000 euros? How should we act and what procedure must we follow to have this loan without losing too much money because of interest? What are the most advantageous options?

We see it together in this our special guide on what to do to get a small sum to overcome some small and unexpected problem and / or to buy something new for the family.

Here’s what you need to do to get the right loan for you!

How to get a 10000 euro payday loan

How to get a 10000 euro loan

If you need to get a small unfinished loan, then you need to have a sum that you can spend without necessarily indicating its use, the fastest method is to request a personal loan that allows you to get a sum of money quickly and without force to follow too many complicated steps.

The personal loan is a type of loan that allows the disbursement of the sum that can be repaid in comfortable installments with variable numbers. The loan applicant can also choose in how many installments to repay the loan requested.

Even if it is a rather small amount of money, you must still offer guarantees before obtaining it.

Below we will report them all. The loan can be had without too much difficulty and also thanks to the rapid procedures on the web, which allow in a short time to obtain the requested 10000 euros. In general, a couple of days are enough to get this sum.

The personal loan is the fastest among the available ways to have easily the 10,000 euros, in the following paragraphs we see carefully what are all the various ways to request the loan.

The necessary guarantees for the 10000 euro payday loan

The necessary guarantees for the 10000 euro loan

Although we are talking about a loan of a rather small amount, there are still guarantees to be given to the institution to get it. There are many ways in which a guarantee can be given to obtain the loan requested.

These guarantees are always the same, even for those who do not have a pay slip, for those who have been marked as a bad payer or for those who have been protested. Here are the various guarantees required to apply for the loan:

  • the pension : this is a guarantee that can be used to request this small loan, the duration and the number of installments that must be repaid can be reduced by relating the calculation to the age of the subject to the requested amount;
  • the pay slip : the most effective guarantee for a loan is the pay slip which generally allows you to get the loan from 10,000 euros quickly and also having advantageous rates;
  • the guarantee of a third party : a third party guarantor can be a parent, or a friend, or a relative or a person who can make a guarantee. The third person acting as guarantor could become the manager instead of the applicant;
  • the salary assignment : a valid modality even in the case in which the subject that needs the loan was in the list of bad payers, in this case the assignment of the fifth is a guarantee for the loan. In this way the subject can return the sum that will be withheld directly from the salary.

What do you need to get it?

What do you need to get it?

There is talk of a rather low sum and not too difficult to repay, for this reason it is not so difficult to get a payday loan of 10000 euros. You can also decide to make the request comfortably online so you don’t have to go only to the offices. To obtain the loan it is always necessary to provide:

  • an identity document;
  • the pay slip or the pension slip;

The documents indicated in the list are mandatory in all cases. No other documents are needed and the institution will take care of the remaining operations.

How long does it take to get the sum?

How long does it take to get the sum?

If the subject has decided to apply for the loan online, you can have it quickly and without too many complex steps.

This is an almost immediate loan that can be obtained within a maximum of 48 hours from the opening of the request for the sum. So in a couple of days the money will be paid directly to the applicant’s account.

These fast times are only available for web loans. Online loans also allow you to have advantages that you can discover by continuing to read our loan guide!

The interests

The interests

In personal loans in general, interest is heavier when compared to the interest associated with mortgages or simple loans for the purchase of goods. We therefore advise you to check both the interest rate, which is indicated by the TAN, and to check the APR, hence the summary total cost of the loan.

The summary total cost of the loan indicates all the commissions that must be paid to obtain the loan. If you decide to go ahead with the loan application on the web, you can choose the different conditions in the same way as for the loan application in the offices.

Loans on the web can be requested in a few minutes and even obtained in a few hours, it is possible to do research on the various loans, on the most convenient ones and make comparisons. Even the lowest and most suitable TAN and APR can be chosen online.

The 10000 euro payday loan for the protested subjects

The 10000 euro loan for the protested subjects

Generally we think that those who have been protested or who are bad payers cannot even get a small loan, but the reality is different. People who have been protested can still have a loan of 10,000 euros, even without being forced to provide too many guarantees to institutions.

The simplest and fastest way to get a loan of money even if you have been marked as a bad payer and / or if you have been protested is to give a salary- backed loan as a guarantee.

The sale of the fifth therefore makes it possible to obtain even a loan of 10,000 euros which can even reach up to 30,000 euros, without even having too many difficulties. There are also plans to repay the sum in 10 years.

These loans even have lower interest rates than those of the common personal loan. This occasion allows almost everyone to have a loan of 10,000 euros.

To buy an appliance, the financial one agrees

To buy an appliance, the financial one agrees

To buy a new appliance or furniture, it is advisable to request a financial in-store. It is not uncommon for large chains to allow customers to get easy payment solutions through financing.

Even for in-store purchases through financial, we advise you to pay attention to the terms of the loan and also to view the financial statements of the online stores. Doing a little research often helps you save money and find the best financial support.

Can one ask for loans for 10,000 euros if you are a temporary worker?

Can one ask for loans for 10,000 euros if you are a temporary worker?

The answer to the question is yes, but there are restrictions. Even if you are a member of a fixed- term contract, you can apply for a loan.

However, an obligatory guarantee must be provided or the number of installments to be paid must in no way exceed the contract months that remain.

The conditions for the loan are the same as those offered to those who have a permanent contract.